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Nina is an accomplished potter with over 25 years of studio work. In addition to her avocation of ceramics, she is a nationally recognized tradeswoman, with over 30 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area Construction industry. Since retiring from full time construction work, she has taught classes at City College of San Francisco, and done training for Plant Construction superintendents. Along with several of her fellow ceramic artists, she is now managing the San Francisco Ceramics studio, sfclayworks. sfclayworks is located at 2240 Palou Avenue in the Bayview district of San Francisco.

In her ceramics work, Nina uses stoneware as well as porcelain for her work. She does both handbuilt pieces as well as thrown and altered vessels, and functional ware. She previously worked out of The Clay Studio in San Francisco, which closed in November 2011. 

She has been taught by well-known local San Francisco potters John DeLois and Joyce Fujiwara, and has taken workshops with nationally renowned potters such as  Ellen Shankin, Jane Shallenberger, and Matt Long.

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